About Us

The mission of FEED BRANFORD KIDS is to see that ALL our children have enough to eat EVERYday whether it is a school day, a weekend or a holiday.

Our purpose is to provide every child with life’s basic needs. Healthy children are more productive in school and integrate better in the community.

Our weekend backpack program honors our children’s need for privacy by partnering with school administrators to ensure our commitment to their privacy. The program currently delivers 2 breakfast meals, 2 main meals, 2 cartons of milk, 2 cartons of juice and snacks for an entire weekend during the academic year.

Our weekend backpack program relies 100% on private funding. Our board of directors is comprised of all volunteers. During our tenure the program has raised awareness that hunger lives in everyone’s backyard.

Our primary goal is to feed every child in Branford who needs our weekend program regardless of income or circumstance. Our secondary goal is to expand the program to meet the needs of children year round.

FEED BRANFORD KIDS offers a weekend backpack program that has no income eligibility requirements and includes children beyond the free and reduced breakfast and lunch programs.

An estimated 1 in 3 children meet the criteria.
We also are meeting the needs of a diverse community – 40 languages other than English are spoken in the Branford school system.

Who we are

Kristine Klarman, President
Janice Fowler, Vice President
Renee Pantani, Treasurer

Board members
Kathy O’connor
Judy Hall
Kerry Haynes
Brianna Nobile
Jessica Pantani

Program coordinator
Vincent Valentino